I understand you would like to obtain a refund for your recent purchase of a download.

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Please respond to the following terms and conditions for your refund.  We will continue processing your refund for each product where you accept the terms and conditions.

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Customer has requested a refund from Encore for the product(s) identified above.  Customer understands and agrees that, prior to receiving a refund, Customer must take the necessary measures to delete and destroy the intellectual property licensed to Customer (for use under the terms of the Publisher’s license agreement) for which Customer is seeking the refund.
By replying to this email with “I Agree”, Customer represents and warrants that Customer has in fact rendered the product completely unusable by Customer, and that Customer has not made any copies of the product available to any other person.  Customer further represents and warrants that Customer has not kept any back up or other copies of the product for any reason.
In reliance on Customer’s representations and warranties, Encore agrees it will refund the purchase price of the product to the Customer.  Customer acknowledges that any continued use of the software product constitutes a willful copyright infringement on the part of Customer.  By law, customer may be liable for civil damages (including attorney’s fees) of up to 150,000 USD for each willful copyright infringement.
Respond with “I Agree” to initiate refund.